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Ttc for 14 months and have appointment at fertility clinic... what to expect?

We've been trying for 14 months with no success. I've had the 22 day ovulation blood test which was fine and my partner has also had the Ok with his sample. So the next step is the fertility clinic. I don't know what to expect or what the next steps will be. Also feeling quite alone and as much as my partner is a great support he doesn't quite get what is going on with me and this emotional rollercoaster. can anyone offer some words of positivity and let me know what to expect?  


  • Hi 🙂 

    It's great you've got the ball rolling with the fertility clinic and just remember everything is a step closer to your goal 🙂

    Sorry your feeling a bit alone it's hard isnt it. For me after a year of TTC with very irregular cycles blood tests(which were all normal except high prolactine which I've now lowered) and ultrasound I had an appointment with the gynecologist to discuss my fertility properly (don't really get referred to fertility clinics where I live but it's obvs the same kinda thing) .. they finally said it was probably pcos and that I don't ovulate often at all. 

    The gyn then did some swab tests and a few more bloods and ordered a sperm analysis for my partner and also a hsg to see if falopian tubes blocked.

    The HSG then happened just over a month later (just had it this week!) and I am waiting for results for that. 

    After the results I was told I should expect a consultation where we discuss all the results of everything including sperm analysis and they will have a plan of action for me (which Im guessing with be chlomid if tubes are ok).

    I guess it depends on what they feel may be causing yours and how the process happens in your area but I would reckon a sperm analysis and HSG is pretty standard next steps. 

    Best of luck and hugs for your appointment hope I have been of some help at least XX 

  • Thankyou so much. youve been a huge help. Sending you lots of positive vibes and good wishes too. 

  • Hi ladies. I have just this morning booked an app for a ttc health check At a private clinic near me, after trying for three weeks to get an app with the GP. I have health insurance so I can claim the money back so I don’t mind doing it this way. im 34 almost 35 and my  hubby is 41 we have been ttc for 8months. It may bot seem like a long time but i am keen to make sure I don’t have any obvious things going on that I can gwt help for or work on to aid he journey. I guess I’m looking  for reassurance More than anything. The lady on her phone said they would scan me and do swabs and bloods. Can anyone tell me what exactly this is? 

  • Right so that is exactly what I did as I am a wee bit older than you so thought I better get myself checked after we had been trying for 8 months! They will do a blood check to check you are ovulating as a first check and then your partners sperm will be checked. That is what happened for us and our results were ok so now we are going to a fertility clinic to have deeper diagnostic tests I guess. I have been told what to expect but I think for your reassurance just get these initial tests done and go from there. 

  • Thank you for that. I am going alone for the first app as hubby is away with work that week di u think that will matter?

  • I think it's just good to have both of you there but you'll be fine on your own. From what I know they ask you lots of personal questions and just get a good picture of Everything and then they take it from there. I have my appointment tomorrow and I will let you know how it all goes. Xx

  • Thank you so much good luck for your appointment! 

  • Hi just wanted to give sone more insight into the process. We have been ttc for 14/15 months. Both 31. Went to doctors in October and got referred for day 21 bloods. These camr back clear so dh got referred for sperm test which also came back normal. met with fertility specialist on 21 st January who referred me for an hsg. Got this done on Friday and no blockages or problems that she could see. Back to meeting with fertility specialist on 1st april but think he wants us to ttc naturally for another 6 months then try 6 months of clomid. After that would be on waiting list for ivf which is two years currently where I stay. Any questions feel free to pm me xxx 

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