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Bleeding from ovulation to period

hi ladies 

I have a long old history of trying but in short me and my ex husband went through unsuccessful IVF I am now with a new partner a few yrs down the line (I am 40 this yr) we started to try for a baby last yr and fell pregnant within 3 months (after 7yrs of trying with my ex and failed IVF this was my miracl) we lost our baby 3 days before the 3 month scan, I then fell pregnat 3 months later (again a total miracl) but lost the baby at 6 wks, this was back in June 2018, since then I keep bleeding from ovulation to period, has anyone else experienced this or have any idea why it’s happening! Love to all who are trying xxxx


  • Never had this hun so speak to doc but u probably didn't conceive with ex as the issue was probably his sperm and not u xxx 

  • Cheeks1979 have u had any answers to this? I have been having the same thing this month And am curious to work out what it was 

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