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i have been on chlomid now for 5 months (first month 50mg and my dose increased to 100mg in my second month). A blood test showed I was ovulating in month 2. However feel like I’m getting nowhere. Had really bad side effects the second month due to the increased dose - stomach cramps, hot flushes, moody and really bad skin. My skin was so bad I went to see a specialist. it isn’t as bad now but still very spotty, the stomach cramps have stopped but still having the hot flushes. Just wondering if anyone has had any success with chlomid? The only problem I have is low progesterone level but chlomid has fixed this. And my partner had couple tests, a percentage cane back low but then the following month it was higher so the doctor didn’t think it should be a problem. We have our 6 month review next month so not looking forward to what comes next. And don’t think I’m lucky enough to conceive in the ladt 2 months I have on chlomid.


  • Hi hun  I know it's hard but just keep going and be positive. Often acne is caused by hormones so the progesterone increase will most likey be the cause but it will most likely settle down and u will feel like u are on an emotional rollercoaster and the hormones are to blame I'm afraid but it will all be worth it in the end when u get that positive test and 5 months isn't that long to be trying hun so yes u could very well fall in the next 2 months xxxs

  • Hi. I’m waiting to start clomid. Been told to keep ttc naturally for next 6 months as ovulation Test, sperm test and hsg all came back clear. Not convinced will do much since I am ovulating but will see x

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