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Faint positive or evap line??

Sorry I know you probably get loads of these type of things but I've read so many different things I need to actually ask someone 

Hey So im not ttc but i felt really strange recently and my friend told me to take a test I took one of those cheap pink ones and it was negative but online it said it wasnt very sensitive and if i were pregnant it would only be 2 weeks I took clear blue a day later and it was negative but i checked back a few hours later and there was a faint blue line I know it says not to check past 10 mins so i assumed it was an evap line as it wasnt thick but it was very clearly a blue line I read evaps are grey or colourless so im not sure What do you think The chemical too weak to be picked up straight away or evap?image

Sorry about pic quality had to chance contrast so you can see the line


  • Looks positive too me hun. 😁 Have you tested again? X

  • I did with another cheap pink dye one but it came out negative again

    Reviews said they gave a lot of false on both ends

    And they aren't sensitive so not sure

    Might just go to my doctor she'll be more reliable right ?

  • Hush honey..... did you get your bfp in the end??? 
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