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Need to hear something uplifting

I'm a possible PCOS diagnosis after ttc for 10 months with no luck. Feeling kind of down after my last appointment- doc wants me to take a ton of blood tests with hopes he will prescribe something that will help me ovulate regularly...would be nice to hear some PCOS success stories to raise my spirits a bit. 


  • Hi Stefania, 

    My mum had PCOS & endometriosis & had 3 healthy pregnancies without any medical intervention... So it definitely doesn’t mean you cant have children! try to stay positive! 

  • Thank you- it's good to hear that!

  • Hi Stefania89 

    i personally do not have PCOS but I have a very good friend who does she had one son without any medication but 6 years later she needed meds as she was trying again with no luck she got pregnant on her second round of Clomid.  Then a few years later in her late 30s she had meds to help again but this time she was successful on the 1st round.  Four years later she is pregnant again no meds and she is 43 years old.  So there is more than hope so don’t get dismayed.  Good luck to you. 

  • Hello! I have been trying to conceive for over five years. I googled natural herbs to boost fertility and came across vitex. I googled vitex success stories and decided to purchase bottle 12/20/2018, I got a BFP 2/8/2019. I’m 5 weeks. There’s alot of success stories including women with PCOS. You can purchase at GNC or anywhere that sales vitamins. I bought the nature’s way brand and will continue taking 3 a day  until I’m 14 weeks. Good luck I promise its worth the try. 🙏🏾

  • Wow thank you. I think I might give that a try too- just did a google search for it too and it has a lot of good reviews! 

    Also- congratulation! 

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