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Has anyone conceived with irregular cycles


Would love to hear if anyone has conceived with irregular cycles? 

I have been off the pill coming up 3 months and very irregular cycles 

love to hear from you all 


  • Hiya I have had irregular cycle since I was 13 at 15 went on the pill to try help them and at the age of 24 still taking pill but incorrectly  I got pregnant with my first a boy now 2 and when he was 6months I found out I was pregnant with my little girl now 1.. My periods could take an 8 months gap or  I could have a period for a full month. Never had regular ones till after my little girl. Its possible but try watch for signs of ovulation to help. 

  • Edmonof2 that is such good news to hear! 

    I was a little concerned thats great to hear it can definitely happen , 

  • Just try another test and maybe see if you can go get bloods done be be 100% best of luck to you xx

  • Edmonof2 Thankyou so much , I had blood taken on Monday haven’t had the results yet , but took a home test this morning BFN , 

    If AF isn’t here by next Monday I have to go back to the doctors 

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