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Please Help With This Line

I really need help, I had no choice but to take a blue dye test because they were out of frer. I took one last night and got what looked like a line. I took one with first morning urine, and I got a faint line. My hubby is terrible with lines, so I need help ladies on figuring this out.

Top is last night and bottom is am! Took a frer but negative! 


  • These two last night and bottom am. I think I see a line but not sure. Ugh! 

  • I can't see any lines on the pink ones but v v faint ones on the blue ones maybe wait a few days and try again? 
    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for the reply. Today I took a Walmart .88 and thought I saw a vvfl. I'm super nauseated today, fatigue, cramps and backache. Guess our bodies can't just give us a simple answer sometimes. I'll add another pic of the blue test below that has better lighting. 
  • There's definitely a line there with some colour too so doubt it's an evap line. How many dpo are you??
    Congrats :) xx
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    Well long story short, I'm not positive on that. I might have had implantation on Feb 23rd bc it was super light bleeding, 3 days late for normal af, no clots or tissue, and no cramps. So I think I ovulated later in my cycle!  Its aggravating! Going to test next weekend if these symptoms continue. 
  • Yes definitely that still looks like a positive to me so can only get stronger with time let me know how you get on! Xx
  • You don't know how much your response means to me, thank you so much and I will keep this up to date so others have an answer too! I'm hoping it is a positive and not a false positive but if it is, at least I'll know. Thank you!
  • You're welcome I know how it feels to be a squinter and feel like you're going insane but that's a definately a positive hoping for the best for you! Xx
  • Thanks and you too!!! 😊
  • So I took one frer in evening, neg. Took one with fmu and a vvfl. This morning which is the day afterward, I can clearly see a stronger line onnthe fmu one. Wish it would do that within time frame. 

  • You're right I can see a vvfl on the last 3 in the photos :) xx
  • Yeah just wish it would show up within time frame. Lol
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