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7 days late BFN

Hi, l'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place.
I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. 
So definitely not ttc as hubby had vasectomy 3 years ago. We have 4 kids. Cycles are always 27-29 days. Currently 7 days late which has only ever happened in the past when I've been pregnant . I've done 3 tests so far. A couple of cheapie from Home Bargains and this morning a FRER. All negative. I've been cramping all week, bad back and my boobs are tender. Last night I had horrible diarrhoea (sorry tmi). 
With my previous pregnancy I've never had an issues with tests. My third I found out when I was week late and the test line was as dark as the control line. My 4th I found out 2 days before my period was due.
Is it worth going to the drs? My gut says I'm not pg. With the vasectomy and the neg test it's not likely so what could it be? Thanks in advance x


  • Hi 😊 are you stressed at all? I'm currently 3 days late did a test came back neg, called my doctor and said I need to keep testing. She said it can take up to 21 days after having sex to get a positive so I think just test for that time and if its not come by then see your doc xx
  • Are you taking pregnacare pre conception? It can delay cycles and make you think you're pregnant. I believe theres another post on here about it.
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