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On Jan i had red and clotting periods 1week before my date.
On Feb i got spotting for 5days
In between my prolactin level increased
I have stomach and backpain for 2 months, even pelvic pain and pain in groin.
But i didn't had sex ever, even i don't have boy friends. To the max one person rubbed me in bus...happened when i didn't see(that is with dresses only anyway).I don't even know that person
Doctors r saying nothing in my stomach by taking MRI.
But they r not taking HCG test since i am unmarried.....please anyone help me what is happening


  • That rubbing happens like back to back in bus....i am having all the symptoms of pregnancy...i don't  know what to do now:(
  • Friends...plzzzz reply...i am dying:(
  • Unless you have had proper sexual intercourse, you are not pregnant from a man rubbing up beside you on a bus. 
    Could these all just be period symptoms? 

  • These problems r continuously happening to me not close to my periods date r something ....i have on all the days from Jan 5
  • I also have pain in the upper abdomen like stretching
  • But they won't be pregnancy - you should go back to your doctor and go through your symptoms again. 
  • Hmmm hopefully nothing should happen to me.....otherwise there is no life for me....i don't want my parents to feel for me. They r searching alliance for me...but i am in a very bad situation like this.
  • I went to one public toilet..... I used that water....will it contain sperm....but before me 2 ladies went
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