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No Ovulation

Hi all, I'm new to this site and a little late coming to the party at 44.
I've just spent a year losing 6 stone and had not had a long term partner in years because I was embarrassed about my weight. I came off the mini pill Cerazette 8 months ago and started monitoring my ovulation by basal temperature and then ovulation sticks but I haven't ovulated since I stopped it. I now have a partner and we would like to try for a baby.
I went to the doctors and my fertility blood tests all came back normal so I was advised to take folic acid to try to kick start my ovulation. I brought the before conception Pregnacare tablets but it says on the pack to only take for 3 months prior to starting to try for a baby. We haven't been together that long and have planned a big holiday to Australia in December so were thinking about trying then when we're most relaxed.
Can I start to take the Pregnacare now or should I wait till September?
Thank you for your help


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    hi @lyndaa54
    I have noticed you get more responses in the general "ttc" chat category if you ever want to post again maybe try there.

    If i was you i wouldn't wait until December to try. For me the 5 months i have been trying feels such a long time so i wish i had started sooner. It can take healthy couples upto a year to concieve. You can fly at upto 32 weeks with single baby (less with twins).

    If you really want to wait 9 months before trying i wouldn't start the pregnacare now as you are just wasting your money for 6 months. But keep taking tbe folic acid if a doctor has said you need that to regulate your ovulation.
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