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Ttc - first post - help/advise welcome!


this is is my first post on any forum relating to TTC. I’ve been off conception for about 6 years and actively TTC for the last 2 years. 

We have recently been to the doctors and were offered a 21 day blood test and sperm analysis. My partners came back all fine but my first test came back as low progesterone.  I had a delayed period that month which is unusual as while my cycle varies from 30/33 days thus delay was even longer so I put it down the stress.

Repeated this month and progesterone levels are up which doctors say are over the amount that suggests ovulation has occurred. I’m slightly confused as to what is going on as my clear blue ovulation tests at home hasn’t pulled a positive result this month.

ive been referred to gynaecology but have no idea what the outcome of this will be. The waiting list is until July as well which isn’t great when it comes to trying not to worry!

Im looking for advise or if anyone is having the same type of issues as me or any idea what could be the reason.

thank you  
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