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Stopping the pill

Hi, I stopped my pill in mid feb (18th) to be exact. I then had my normal period, was a little lighter than usual but then didn’t think much off it. Then 2 weeks later had another what I thought period but it was so light it almost lasted 1/2 days max! Is this normal after coming off of the pill? And no it’s been 7 weeks since stopping the pill and 5 weeks since my last spotting/bleed? Should I take a test, could I be pregnant, or is this totally normal behaviour when coming off of the pill? Thank you for anyone that could help? Xxx


  • It can take up to 6 months for your body to regulate after stopping contraceptives.

    Take a test to rule out pregnancy.

    Just be patient with your body and try not to stress too much as this can confuse things too. 

    All the best x 
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