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Clomid - With PCOS and 1 tube (April 19)

Hiya Everyone 💓💓

Really looking for some support with my 1st round of clomid, I’m on CD 15 today and  had a positive ovulation test on CD 13.

i have been so nervous to take it but finally took the plunge this month 

I’m 27 relatively healthy and have regular periods, everyone close to me seem to be pregnant and it’s really getting to me lately ☹️

2 years ago i had a failed IVF, 13 eggs were collected but none matured :(, I was put on the short protocol but they never gave me any reasons of why it failed and said the I should go with IVF again except with with the long protocol.

Really hoping to hear any success stories or chat to anyone else in a similar situation

I’ve also been taking so many vitamins (NAC, Coq10, Royal jelly, maca) really praying for Clomid to work it’s magic xxxxx


  • Hi! Will be interested to hear how your clomid story goes. We’ve been ttc for 16 months. Day 21 bloods fine, hsg fine and sperm analysis fine. Been told if don’t conceive by October will try clomid for 6 months before ivf x
  • Thank you Oj19! Good luck to you!xx

    Is it unexplained fertility issues you have?

    AF due tomorrow I have had usunal AF symptoms for the past 2 days, I keep running to the bathroom praying it isn’t here. Driving myself insane looking at clomid forums.

    Fingers crossed!!

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