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What should happen after poor SA results?

Hi all, 
so long story short me and DH have been trying nearly 2 years. So far all my results are normal but husband has low sperm count. So my gp has referred us to a gynaecologist appt for further testing? I can’t understand if this the right protocol for further fertility testing when my husband has the problem? 

Any answers are welcome 


  • Thos is normal. They will meed to see if u have any issues as well so wull check your FHS levels ( egg reserve) a scan to check your follicles, lining of womb and a tube dye test to see if any blockages. More than likey its just his count thats the issue but they need to check you over too incase theres any underlying issue causing u to not fall xx
  • Hi Susiegirlygirl thanks so much for replying do you know if they will investigate my husband further for the low sperm count? Providing I don’t have any problems or just say go straight to ivf/iui xx 
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