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Usually regular - can you have a cycle without ovulating?

Hi, I’m looking for information but not really getting a clear answer! My cycles are pretty regular (29-31 days) and I’ve been using OPKs and OvuSense to track my temps. So far, I’ve ovulated on CD 18 and 19 - and I’m on CD 21 with no ovulation in sight. I’ve had done cramping but not loads... which is a bit different. My question is, can you have a cycle where you just don’t ovulate for whatever reason? Annoyingly, this is the one month where I’ve not been too stressed out about TTC... but this has set me off! 😂 Frustrating!
Any info will be greatly appreciated! Tia xx


  • I've read that you can definitely have cycles without ovulating but I'm not sure why it happens. It's so frustrating! Sorry I cant be of more help
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