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Am I pregnant?

So I am 10 days past 5 day transfer and bought 3 chepo poundland tests, I can see very faint lines, doe sthis mean positive? Negative? Or dud tests? 


  • I can see a second faint line just before the control line on all 3. Although I feel like I can see 2 faint lines on one of them. 😕 Give it a couple more days and try again but they look positive to me.
  • Thankyou, I have done a ton load more and I'm now convinced I am definitely pregnant. 
  • Curiosity101Curiosity101 Regular
    edited Jun 9, 2019 6:01PM
    Congratulations! :D I remember when we were TTC and how much I spent on pregnancy tests... lets just say I'm glad we conceived quickly as I'd have spent a small fortune just like you :wink: it's hard not to when you're excited though!
  • Haha yes, I've spent a fortune, OH says I'm mad but I just want to be sure lol. Thankyou! 

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