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I really need advice...

I really need advice to help keep me from going insane. Im currently on CD53, my period is 23(25 technically) day’s late. I’ve taken numerous hpt and they all have the same result, negative. Im 26 and have never missed a period ever, my cycles are always 28/29 days. I did bd three days before ovulation but took a plan b (I’m not trying to have a baby yet). We did bd again on the last day of my ovulation window, decided to just chance it so no plan b. I had really sore nips the following week which is a normal PMS symptom for me. But then AF never showed up. At this point I’m scared that something may be wrong with me because I have no sign of my period showing up or even ovulation. Has anyone been this far along with negative hpt but still pregnant? I’m waiting to see if AF shows up this month before going to the doctor.


  • Is plan b the morning after pill?  It can affect your cycles but not usually by nearly 4 weeks. I would pay your doctor and visit and see what they say
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    Hi, I agree you need to pay your doctor a visit, have your bloods done just to double check for pregnancy. A friend of mine kept getting negative pregnancy tests and when she got her bloods done she was 8 weeks. It also isn’t uncommon for women to miss a period now and then but it can be stressful. If AF doesn’t arrive I THINK doctors can usually give you tablets than can induce your period and help you get back on track. I’m sure everything will be ok 😊
  • Thank you! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow... Hopefully I don't get bad news.
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