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Could I be pregnant?

Hi there everyone

I'm on here today as I'm really confused about what's happening to my body atm. Starting from the beginning last month a week before my due period I was having abit of bleeding brown red colour which left few dots on liner n lasted a couple days. I didnt think much of it at first thought just not long until I'm due but then I came on 3 days before due date and was barely a period was like spotting which lasted 3 days n thought very odd as my periods are always on time n heavy which bad cramps n didnt barely have cramp either. I was having tender breasts, swollen and feeling sick so I thought I'd do a test. I did one that evening m one in morning as heard it's better to do then but both showed negative so though mm must be stress as had hard month.

Then this month I've had tender breasts since last period which never happens n I'm due on period on 8 days n yesterday started bleeding like spotting again. Same small amount. I'm not sure what to think I'm thinking I might be pregnant be confused by negative tests and body is confusing me as body always acts the same every period. Should I wait until my my period due date n see what happens or take another test?.. has anyone had a similar thing happen n is pregnant?

Please let me know I'm so confused n stressed on what's going on.

Thank you
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