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8days delayed after taking folactive and pregnacare

I took pregnacare before conception.First box(f) my cycle is late (8 days now already) and I am not pregnant. Tried 2PT both negative.
I started the 2nd box.

Can you let me know if the next cycle was coming as normal? (For those that pass through same situation)
Thanks 😞


  • Hi, I had the same thing in January / February.  It was my first month taking pregnacare and I was 8 days late. I've never been late in my life so I was hoping to be pregnant, especially as I was experiencing what I thought were pregnancy symptoms (bloating, mild cramping etc). Anyway it wasnt to be that month and after reading around, I blame the pregnacare .

    My cycle has been 35 days at its latest but on the cycle it was 44 days. I've read the vitamin b6 in it can extend the luteal phase meaning a delayed period. This can be good for people with shorter cycles as it builds the thickness of the womb but not necessary for others. 

    Anyway I stopped taking it and switched to basic folic acid and vitamin d tablets and got pregnant the next month. Sadly I had a mc after but that's another story.
  • Thanks for sharing. After your experience with Pregnacare did you go for Consultation with Doctor to stop medication or you just simply stopped taking it?
  • Hi, I've just come across your post and wanted to share my very recent experience. I started taking pregnacare for the first time 1 month ago. I have a extremely regular 26/27 day cycle. My AF arrived this morning 4 days late. I've not been that late in all my adult life! I think pregnacare are responsible and wish I'd read more reviews before I tried them. I feel like a month has been wasted. They also gave me the mother of all pregnancy symptoms...sore boobs, increased hunger (I've eaten soooo much this week), cramping days before AF (which I never get). I really hope this helps you. Good luck in your TTC journey. Xx
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