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Second round of clomid

Hi can anyone give me anything at all, starting my second round of clomid this time 100mg instead of 50mg thank you


  • Im in the same boat i started it last night on 50mg, what did they prescribe it you for ? mine is to hopefully boost my hormones x
  • I just started 100 of Clomid. I’ve had 2 miscarriages so it’s to help get pregnant and maintain it! I’m hoping it will work. There seems to be lots of success stories x 
  • Hey @Newbie2019
    Aww it's horrible isn't it :( is this your first time on clomid? I've done round one I'm ovulating today and I've spent the whole day crying 😂 x
  • Hi, I’ve just started taking 50mg last week. My first cycle. Really hoping it works. I’ve been prescribed it because I’m not ovulating regularly x
  • Hi, @Emma575
    Yeah same as me but my hormone levels were low to. Have you been trying to concieve for a while? X
  • Hi JuelsG, we’ve been trying since Dec 17. Got pregnant quite quickly last year but miscarried at 7 weeks in June 18. Since then nothing, tests showed up I don’t ovulate regularly. How long have u been trying? X
  • JuelsGJuelsG Regular
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    @Emma575 Aw that's really sad such a long time isn't it. I'm glad they've found out the problem. I've been trying for 4 years got pregnant once a year and miscarried all 4 :( they can't find a reason other than ovulating and hormones. X
  • julesG, so sorry to hear your story, that is so tough. This journey is so trying isn’t it. I’m on day 7 so will see what happens. I have a scan on wed to see how my ovaries are responding and then bloods on 21st. Really hoping I respond well. Kind of hanging my hopes on it. I’m sorry to hear u have been emotional today. Have you experienced a lot of side effects? X
  • JuelsGJuelsG Regular
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    @Emma575 Yeah the amount of types I've wanted to give up but I won't and can't it's my dream. Aww let me know how the scans and stuff go.. The only side effects I have had so far is hot sweats on the night times and emotions ran high today I took my last clomid pill 7 days ago so may just be kicking in. I have scan tomorrow to x
  • Keep strong and positive, that’s the only thing u can do. I’m sure your time will come. I often think, nothing worth doing, ever comes easy.
    it sounds like u r about a week ahead of me. Good luck for your scan tomoro, I hope it shows it’s working for u. Let me know what they say. I was really hot last night in bed too, which isn’t normal for me as I’m always cold, maybe that was the Clomid. X
  • Yeah it's the clomid cus I'm usually cold to haha. Yes I am certainly staying positive and u do the same!.. I just hope 50mg is enough haha. I'm having the dye thing put through to check my tubes I think?...x
  • I guess if 50mg isn’t enough, they will tell by the scan so hopefully the will increase it for next month. I hope u get on ok tomoro. I had the dye test done in May and my tubes are ok x
  • Aw that's good. Was it okay or did it hurt? Lol. I have a pelvic scan to x
  • I had it done when I was put to sleep for a laparoscopy as they were investing possible endometriosis so they did the dye test at the same time. Sorry, that’s not much help x
  • This is my first time taking Clomid ladies and I’m on day 2 of the 2 tablets. I haven’t read about any side effects cos if I do I’ll start getting them!! :D what I don’t know won’t hurt me!! If I don’t get pregnant in 3 months of this, he’s bringing me in for the dye test. Fingers crossed for us all! xx
  • Hi Newbie, fingers crossed it works for u. I know what u mean about the side effects! I’m some ways, better off not knowing!

    Jules, how did your scan and dye test go? X
  • Hi Ladies, I had my first month on Clomid and today I am 12dpo. I took 100mg a day and unfortunately only managed to BD on the evening 2days before O day and the morning after O day that might have been too late :( 
    I am still hoping, but had very strong PMS symptoms yesterday and the day before, could be due to Clomid or we didn't succeed and AF is on her way.
    I do have another one from next cycle and hears the doses add up in our system, so next month we should have even stronger chances to conceive!
    Are you having scans to check your follicles during your cycle?
  • Hello it went well :) I also had an ultrasound and she could see follicles in both ovaries so clomid has basically made me ovulate 2 eggs haha twins on the cards? Would be nice how is everyone? X
  • @Ags1985 hi.. How come your on clomid? Did you start on 100mg? X
  • Hi, yes, I started with 100mg, to boost our chances as much as possible :) We did have self-funded IUI before and I got Clomid for that. Fist month I took 100mg per day and had 1 follicle, second month same dose and I had 4 of them! Unfortunately the IUIs were not successful, as it turns out I am allergic to the ingredients they used during the process (got high fever both times 1hour after the treatment and it lasted for 2days afterwards). So I took 2months off and now just trying to conceive with Clomid and hope I will grow more follicles again so we have more chance to catch the egg(s) :)
    Just need to make sure we time the BDing well, it is a lot of pressure on us and isn't easy...
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