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TTC and Tests / Period problems

I have been ttc for 7 months and came off the pill in November last year. I started ttc in January. Within NHS Scotland when you are 35 or over you have to go to get tests etc.. well i am 35 and was due to get blood tests on Tuesday as it will be a week before AF is due. Well surprise surprise AF showed her ugly head a week early when I am 3dpo. My hubby is just waiting on his sperm analysis results. 
Since being off the pill i have had cycles ranging from 27 to 31 days. Back in February I had an early period like this one but had spotting two weeks after it too but it didn't happen again. After that however my peak day changed from cd16 to cd21. This time round was cd19 but now got AF with spotting last night.
I also only have a 9 / 10 luteal phase at the most. 
Not sure whether to still attend appointment? Anyone been in a similar position or can give any advice?


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