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Positive tests, then bleeding, sudden negative

Hi All,
I am 20 years old and I found out a few days ago I am pregnant. I did 3 strips tests and all were positives and a friend confirmed it for me. 
Sunday I took a test and it was positive but when I wiped there was bright pinky blood on the tissue. there was no blood in the toilet or my knickers or anything so I ignored it. 
Then I suddenly got really bad cramping pain like my period pains would be and I got heavy red bleeding for around 2hours with the pain. After 2hours the pain went and the bleeding has gone light where it doesn’t even fill half a tampon. 
I went to my doctors yesterday and they said it could be early pregnancy bleeding but are going to refer me to EPU which is on Wednesday. 
I did another test this morning because I am scared and worried and this came back negative. 
Does this mean I am not pregnant and never was? Or that I have had a very early miscarriage? Please can someone help shed some light on this? 


  • Update:

    I had my appointment today o day and I have had a miscarriage :( 
  • Hi Hope, I am really sorry to heat this. How far on were you? Chemical pregnancies and miscarriages are actually way more common than you think. Most women don't even know they happen because they can be so early on and unless you're obsessively trying like we all are, you wouldn't notice. I miscarried last October and am still trying for my rainbow baby so I understand how you feel and i know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel better. Just know that it does get better, it obviously wasn't the right time for that little egg and that you will have you're little baby when the time is right xhugsx 
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