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Clomid first cycle

hi everyone, I am new to this! I have just started my first round of clomid 50mg CD 2-6, (on day 3 today) just wanted to hear some of your stories on clomid! 
I have been TTC 1.5 years with no luck x 


  • Hi Salaam i have been TTC since last April but my periods were not regular or i will say absent without medicine(Duphaston/ yasmin) due to pcos. i first ever got a ovalution test positive on my first round of clomid. i am now in my third round. i am taking similar as you and fertility department didnt up the dose as my scan confirmed i am responding well to the meds and produced 1 healthy follicle. But i havent conceived in 2nd cycle. Hope this 3rd cycle will do the magic. 
    Hope this works for you the first cycle.
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