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bicornuate uterus and chemical pregnancies

just looking for a bit of advise or insight from anyone else who might have this problem. Back in 2015 I was told that I have a bicornuate uterus after a loosing our first baby at around 5 weeks... my OB told me there was nothing to worry about and it shouldn’t cause me any problems with conceiving or carrying a child just that I would probably need a c sec and might go into labor a bit early due to the lack of room in there... after my miscarriage my husband an I went on to conceive our beautiful baby boy... he was born via emergency c sec at 37 weeks. During my c sec I asked my OB while he was In there how large the split was and he told me it went about 3/4th of the way down. my pregnancy was very painful and full bed rest and lifting restrictions but we made it through together.... now that we are trying to conceive again I’ve had 2 chemical pregnancies and I’m just wondering if anyone else with this uterine condition had had trouble with early miscarriages or if something else is the cause.. any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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