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Am i Infertile?

Turning 30 yo this year
TTC 2 years  
NHS won't fund treatment or investigation as partner has children
All blood tests normal
Had a termination at 18 yo
Normal weight & have generally healthy lifestyle

As 2 years TTC with no success and no explanation i'm starting to really worry that i will never conceive naturally :( 
Ive booked a 'fertility MOT' for £300 with a clinic but i think its really just a gear up for IVF treatment which i cannot afford right now. Not sure whether to wait or carry on and hope for the best...getting really down about this. every month is 

Does this sounds familiar? Is there any hope? Should i bite the bullet and go for IVF to save years wasting my time?


  • Are you taking your ovulation?
    Are you tracking your temperature?
    Are you on some kind of medication?
  • Defo don't give up. Maybe you are just not ovulating and a fertility check will let you see that so it''s defo worth the money and not necessarily gearing up to IVF. I did a check and found that I have PCOS and this is our first month TTC with fertility drugs so hoping that they have helped but not feeling overly positive as 12dpo and bfn so I know how frustrating it can be. We have been trying on and off for around 4 years. It can be sole destroying. It can also be financially crippling but better to get checked out than not. There may be nothing wrong and nature is just taking its time. i know this happened with my aunt./ She was told she wouldn't be able to have kids and she has two healthy boys and a daughter. Never give up hope xxx
  • Hi my name is maria 776 and I just took a ovulation test with a faint line and dark line does that mean I and fertile to concieve
  • @Maria776,no Hun it's mean that your ovulation is on its way...two same dark lines mean you will ovulate in next 12-24-48h (check your ovulation test instructions to make sure when)
  • Hi @x-Alice-x my situation is a bit different from yours but I'd like to say IVF is not too bad.  I chose to have it overseas so it's cheaper.
  • @Sigsauer - oh boy do i track - i have two apps and religiously take temp the second i wake up along with CM, LH, sex ect - all the blood tests that the docs did came back normal to suggest i do ovulate and my AMH test came back to suggest i have eggs. I'm not on any kind of medication. x

    @Kazam2817  thank you for your response - as i have said above there are things to suggest i do ovulate - i'm concerned i will be one of those 'unexplained infertility' cases. 
    I have thought possible PCOS or Endo but i don't experience overly painful periods or have any other symptoms and my bloods (all the many of them) have all shown normal. Getting those BFN are so hard - AF is due between 28th-30th this week so i'm crossing everything i have - I  hope the drugs work for you, i guess its only the first month so try not to get disheartened (easier said that done, i understand) x

    @VanGn Ahh, thank you for your post, i am really intrigued by going abroad for IVF as i have seen others are doing it but i have no info on this - where are you going? who are you using? did it work for you? xx

    two women at work have announced their pregnancy this week along with my best friend a month ago! #bravefaceattheready! xx
  • @Maria776 you are in your fertile window which is around 4 days long, i would dtd once a day from now until the day after the two solid lines disappear. x
  • @x-Alice-x we have to coz wer kinda tight on the budget and I'm with my gf on this.  We're using my own egg and getting sperm donor.  This will be our first try.  We chose Dunya IVF, it's in Cyprus.  They have lots of info on their site.  And chatting or sending emails with them is easy.  Maybe you can check them out -
  • @VanGn thank you very much! - i will certainly check them out. When are you going and if you don't mind me asking how much your paying?
    I hope it all goes really well for you and you get your BFP at the end :) xxx
  • Hi @x-Alice-x!  We're finishing the tests first but hopefully before end of next month.  Dunya IVF charges only 4000 euros for the sperm donation.  Of course the pre-tests are on me here at home and we need to spend for travel expenses.  Yes we are praying this will all go well, we're kinda using our life savings here.  
  • @VanGn thank you so much again for your recommendation on the clinic! me and my partner are keen to use them for the beginning of next year if nature does not take control!
    Please let me know what your experience is there! Good luck!! :) x
  • @x-Alice-x it is my pleasure!  But I think you still have plenty of time.  Just keep trying, you're still young too.  Don't worry too much dear.  
  • HI @VanGn! I cant wait to hear how you get on with the clinic! x
  • The best answer to this question can only be given by an IVF specialist who is an expert in this field. I have some of the best doctors in my mind. Let me know if you need any type of help regarding the names. 
  • @123123as thank you so much for your reply.
    Since i opened this chat my partner and i have seen a private specialist. All my bloods were good, i have good egg reserve, ovarian scan was fine, internal dye scan showed no damage to tubes or uterus, OH SA came back fine as well....only possible thing was my thyroid levels were raised slightly so i am waiting on med's for that but there was nothing else that could be diagnosed.
    The doctor has concluded that its unexplained and that i may conceive naturally :( but i'm on month 21 now and not feeling very confident about it all.

    Do you think its worth a second opinion? The doctor i saw seemed really thorough, It was the London Womens Clinic in Harley street? x
  • Hi @x-Alice-x glad to know you have more answers now.  Well, in a way.  At least you know what problems you don't have.  And I'd say it is hope for you to still get pregnant naturally.  I think some women go for years trying and miracles come suddenly.  And I think you can have a second opinion. 

    @123123As have you given Alice your recommendations already?

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