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PCOS and Metformin

Hi all, I found out almost 3 years ago that I have PCOS. I have been TTC with my partner for a year and started on Metformin a month ago and still haven't noticed a difference. I struggle bad with my weight and have been doing Slimming World for around 7 months, and lost a stone but now the weight seems to be creeping back on. I think I may be losing motivation because there's no baby yet. 

Does anyone have any advice on what to do to help things along? Or any success stories to bring a bit of hope to simeone who is really struggling at the mo.

Thanks in advance x


  • Good morning Rosalie

    I have PCOS and Prolactinoma.  I have successfully had two children now also.  I am more than happy to help and share any knowledge I have with you to help you along your journey.

    Did you want to discuss publicly on this thread or feel free to message me privately?

    Kirsty x
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