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Irregular period. Positive test

Hey you guys! I started taking birth control pills in January of 2018, I stopped taking them in the beginning of October 2018, and that was when I got my LAST period. I thought it was weird that I went so long without a period but I’ve always had an irregular period. Sometimes I’ll skip a month or two and sometimes i’d get one every month just different days. But this time I went 9 months without one. My nurse said it was just the birth control still lingering in my body. I finally got what I thought was a period last week but it never got darker or heavier. I was spotting for 3 days, very light spotting light pink. I took 3 pregnancy tests- one while I was spotting (negative) and 2 others (very faint positive, so faint my fiancé couldn’t see it, but my friends could!). This would be my very first pregnancy if I am pregnant! I’ve taken tests in the past and i’ve never Had a faint positive even after the 10 minute time span. It’s always been a very obvious negative up until now. But I didn’t think I could get pregnant until I got a regular period. Could i be pregnant? Or is it just my period coming back?
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