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Could it have worked?

Ok, been trying to concieve for 18 months, last tues had a laproscopy and tube dye, turns out i have endometriosis, so he removed all the scar tissue as both ovaries were tied down, one tube was fine, the other 75% blocked, and couldnt be unblocked. I finished my period 2 days before surgery, and had sex on the mon before my op and sat/sun/tues following op. Ive had one ovulation test with a thin line during that time, but all the rest around thay time were negative. Have read that the op could have caused me to ovulate earlier than usual, so is it possible that i could have conceived already? Or is this not possible?  I had sharp stabbing pains on and off on my night shift on wed night, but none prior to that or after just a dull ache. Could this be surgery pain still or inplantation pain? 
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