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bicornuate uterus

Hi 👋 
I’m completely new to this and nervous ! , I’ve recently been told that I have a bicornuate uterus while at the doctors having a scan for cysts , once I left the doctors I really couldn’t help but google everything about it , the good and the bad .... I’ve been trying for nearly a year now , but I’ve been stressing my self out about the whole situation everywhere I look I see babies and pregnant women , it makes me so upset as to “why can’t I get pregnant “ I’ve been using a app to track my periods which are regular and always on time .... apart from this month .... I’m 2 days late ( I got rather excited) took an (early test which tests 6 days early ) but it was negative I haven’t a clue why I’m not having a period , maybe stress ? I have lost a little weight due to stressing , can anyone shed some light ? 😢



  • I have a bicornuate uterus! I’ve successfully had 2 children miscarried 2 as well though! But there’s hope, I would say wait a few days and test again! 
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