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Periods have stopped completely

Hi ladies!

I'm 27.
We have one child and have been TTC our second for 3 years. I was diagnosed with secondary infertility last year, which they've decided is due to PCOS. 

My ultrasound scan showed that my ovaries are enlarged but there aren't enough cysts to class as "PCOS". They haven't done any blood tests but in the past, my hormone levels were always normal.

I've always had irregular periods, but I haven't had one now for 10 months - generally my cycles range from 6-12 weeks. I feel constantly bloated and having to go to the toilet every 30 minutes (feel like there's pressure on my bladder). 

I'm seeing the gyny in a few weeks for the 3rd time this year but they keep fobbing me off with "it's PCOS" and don't actually suggest anything to help (other than fertility meds). I had 3 miscarriages in a year so I'd rather know what's wrong with my body before I get pregnant.

I also feel like there's more to it than just PCOS. 

Has anyone elses periods stopped and did you manage to conceive naturally?? 

Tia xx


  • Hey @MamaB16 i can't say Ill be off much help but didn't want to read and run. I too am looking for comfort in these threads.
    So sorry to see the predicament you are in. I too have irregular periods and have always. Its really tough because you feel so much time is passing and you're waiting longer for your chances. 
    I really hope you get the help you need and get the news you long for very soon. 
    I had a miscarriage in Feb. First pregnancy. And nothing since then. Just messed up periods with only one ovulation since then. Totally sick. Just really want to give hubby a baby but can't seem to. 
    I'm here if you need to chat xx
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