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HELP. 8 days Late period, light/medium bleeding, intense cramping, pregnancy symptoms!

hello! Sorry this is a lengthy but very detailed post as ive never experienced anything like it. So my last period was on the 7th july for 4 days as normal. Then 9 days later (on the 19th July) I unexpectedly bled AGAIN for 2 more days, very light, bright red and watery type spotting in my pantyliner. Now my next period was supposed to be due on/around the 4th Aug and 8 days have passed, no period. (Usually my period either comes on time or 1-2 days before or after the date its due) but its been 8 days!! But yesterday 10th Aug I experienced spotting, almost similar to the spotting I had on the 19th july except it was a pink/orange watered down colour with a thickish milky type of discharge. Now today (11th August) my bleeding is not what I expected to be for a normal period. Its lighter, really red and watery when wiping. I would usually fill a pad up on day 1 of my period but i havent even filled half of a pad. Within this time (before and including the bleeding from yesterday to today) Ive taken 9 tests... ALL negative. Ive been having alot of flatulence, heavy bloating for days at a time, DEEP tiredness, as well as high energy, extreme hunger pangs every few hours, urinating upto 6-8 times a day, feeling overheated at times, feeling nauseous aswell but no vomiting. I checked back my cycle day history over 6 months with natural cycles and they range between 24-28 days as normal. Its now cycle day 36. What could this be? I aint got a clue. Could it be early on-set pregnancy??
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