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Did I ovaulate , is my period late or am I pregnant

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Hi , I'd just turned 44 in April , and just started my first clomid medication in April 12 th , I ovaulated 13 days after my last dose , and got my period 14 days later , in all 37 days . My periods had always been irregular , and on the second cycle I took clomid again , my ovaulation came 15 days after my last does , and my cycle was 39 days , seems not bad , then on my third try , this time , today I'm on my 57 days and no period , I had back pains and lower abdominal cramps for 2 weeks before my expected period....If I am pregnant , it would be 2 weeks and 5 days when I went to my doctor and got a HCG test and ultrasound , but got a negative and didn't show anything on the abdominal ultrasound. I'm not having any symptoms bedides the cramps and back pains I had mentioned , and now a little pain in my stomach areas . But no breasts soreness / pain or any other pregnancy symptoms which I always had when and during my ovaulation and period . I was wondering what is going on , did I ovaulate or not , is my period late or am in a perimenopause stage ? The doctor just gave me some medicine that would help my period come along , and didn't think anything other than to get my period coming again , until I asked if the medicine he had prescribed would harm my bb if I'm actually pregnant , only then did he say " if after taking it and period don't come then you maybe pregnant " . Can anyone please help me ? Do anyone have any idea what might be the reason for all this ? Why did I get the cramps and back pains if I didn't ovaulate but why no period and without any pregnancy systoms . Plus if I was pregnant , why HCG test came back negative 5 days after expected period date , which was 19 days after supposed ovaulation cramping ?


  • My periods ranges from 28 day cycles to 58 days , today is my 57 th day , was on Clomid third cycle and my first time trying Clomid or any other fetility drug for that matter . First two times was on time and seemed to be helping and working but why this time period late so much than the first two times , and no breasts soreness or pain , unlike I always do ? Does clomid make your period late or don't come at all ? 
  • What I meant is ,  I had never use Clomid until this time which I started in April , and now my third cycle while on clomid , I'm 57 calendar day , with no period and no obvious symptoms of pregnancy , other then lower abdominal cramp and back pains started a couple weeks back , snd now just a litlle stomach pain now and then . Abd I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this and or had similar experiences ? 
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