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Me and my partner are trying to conceive. 
A few years ago I was told I had pcos.  
I have managed to conceive in the past, but sadly misscarried. 
Over the past few days I decided to track my ovulation, just to see if I am able to conceive again. 
I would like some help to rule out my test results, I do feel that the second one is very strong but not sure if that’s strong enough to be classed as positive? 
Any help would be much appreciated x 


  • Hi Heatherh,

    How are you? I think I have the same OPK as you and used it for the first time last month. I don't have pcos and am fairly regular and on the day my app told me I was due to ovulate the test result I had looked very similar to your second one. So personally I would say it is positive.

    Sorry if this reply is a bit late but hope it helps.

    Good luck! Xx

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