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Clear Blue Digital Say Not Pregnant But Other tests showing two lines?

Hi everyone! Just after a little bit of advice. I have been feeling unwell only just this morning and convinced myself I was pregnant. I bought a pack of cheap strip tests and they came back positive , I also done other cheap tests and they showed very faint lines ??? I thought if I done a clear blue test my results would be more accurate I’m not due my period for another 13 days but my last period only lasted 1 day and normally over a course of 5-7 days. Anyone got any advice? And do others think these results are positive? Hope yous can help me! 


  • Digitals need more hcg to show so you’re prob too early to use them, wait a wee bit and try again, congrats!! Xx
  • Period due in 13 days? Sounds like you are in your fertile window... or you are few weeks pregnant already! Best way is to go to GP. But looking at your tests looks like you are expecting :) congrats xx
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