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Help! new to clomid

Hi all, I've just been given clomid, after a LONG wait. I was thrilled until my gp told me he wasn't happy to issue it. He has frightened the life out of me, saying it could cause Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. He said it's very dangerous and can be fatal. My specialist wouldn't give me it until i met strict rules he had set out. It took me two years to get the drug and i thought i could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, until my gp scared me. Can anyone tell me if he is being a little extreme or it's me being naive xx


  • Absolutely ridiculous!! Talk about extremists. My gyne and doctor didn’t tell me about any side effects because they said if they told me I’d be sure to get them and sign is on- I’ve had no symptoms and feel absolutely perfect. I’ve taken 2 months of it. Due AF soon again. It’s just making sure I ovulate and my progesterone is nice and high too 
  • Thank you so much! My gp was throwing around the words fatal and highly serious and i started to really panic. 
  • Ridiculous!!!!! A relative of mine is a pharmacist and she says she prescribes Clomid like smarties! It’s so common so don’t worry x
  • Thank you. I think my gp is just lazy, he didn't ask any details of why I'm taking them or give me any advice.
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