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ivf referral process?

I’ve recently been told that we are eligible for NHS IVF funding. It’s been a long journey to get to this point and a lot of waiting in between appointments. 

I was hoping someone might be able to fill me in on the referral process. We have been forwarded to our local fertility clinic and currently waiting for an appointment. We’ve had our tests etc so are ready to start just waiting for our finding. 

My question is, do we fill in the ivf paperwork before hand or do we have to wait for approval from our ccg first? And how did you find out you got approved i.e post or through your consultant? I’m a bit confused how the process works at this stage and don’t really want to ring up to come across impatient but it’s killing me not knowing how this all works. 

Thanks in advance! 


  • Hi lovely,
    I work for the NHS so have a little bit of an idea regarding this. Before you fill in any paperwork you usually have to wait for the funding to be approved by your CCG once this has been approved you will receive a letter in the post as will your GP. Once this has been approved your GP will then refer you onto the IVF clinic and they will contact you with an appointment. 

    Hope this helps and good luck! X 
  • Thank you @shellyxgledhill  for getting back to me. Funnily enough the same day I posted this I actually got a call from the clinic with an appointment for this week! Paperwork came through today and been told I’ll be starting ivf on my next cycle 😊 x 
  • That’s brilliant news! Good luck and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you x 
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