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Clomid & PCOS with regular cycles

Hello. I am just wondering if anyone is in the same position who can shed some light! 

I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago by ultrasound. 

I have been TTC without any luck for two years. I attending upon a fertility specialist last month who has advised that o get blood work done and a scan of the Fallopian tubes before trying Clomid. 

 I have seen a few posts about Clomid but all seem to have irregular cycles before using the drug. Although I have PCOS I have regular monthly cycles. Anyone in the same position? TIA x


  • Hi @Sparrowx3 i also got diagnosed with PCOS even though I was having regular periods. I go to a private clinic now and I got all my blood tests and tube check done before we started crying, I take letrozole and ovidrill shots for my cycles and we do IUI. 1st cycle was negative, 2nd cycle was successful but resulted in early miscarriage and so now 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 For cycle 3. I have never been on clomid sorry so no advice there but thought I would share my story with you anyway as I know how isolating the journey could be xxx
  • Aw thank you so much! I have everything crossed for your third cycle! I hope it works out! I think IUI will be the next step if Clomid doesn’t work ! Please keep me updated xxx
  • Sure will hopingfor BFP’s soon xxx
  • Hey ladies I’m new to this forum, FTC for 14 months with PCOS, tried one cycle of clomid and just got my period so will try again for second cycle! Any advice or success stories? 
    I have always had irregular cycles, until I had the progesterone coil taken out and it messed with my cycle I’ve slowly been going back to my irregular cycles. 
  • @Tash14 not quite a success story and you prob read above. I haven’t had clomid but just wanted to answer you as I hate the thought or people feeling isolated going through this. Just had my third IUI with letrozole yesterday morning so am now in the TWW. Really hoping it’s 3rd time lucky for us. As we go through private clinic it can be quite expensive xxx
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