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Confusion after chemical pregnancy, please help x

I had a chemical pregnancy in August and read that I should consider the bleeding as a period, it was painful and different then my usual periods but my husband and I decided to get straight back on the horse so to speak.

so dtd on predicted fertile days which I use an app for and the last day for that was CD17 and it's now CD31 and I'm getting really sore breast especially around the nipples and this weird pulling kinda pain in my lower abdomen, I'm terrified to be hopeful about it but my predicted period hasn't arrived and neither has the usual feelings be4 it comes, this would be the 1st period after my chemical pregnancy so would your opinion be that I have a reason to be hopeful or my body is just readjusting itself? Many thanks and sorry for long post. 


  • Hey hun, I had two cemical pregnancy in a row (all withing 9 weeks, so two cycle straight after each other). I fell pregnant again 4 weeks later and currently just over 6 weeks pregnant. It is possible I'd suggest getting an early detection test I used first response wasn't really expected anything but was shock. Was scared because of what happen and still am. But it is possible you could be. Your feeling the same as I did, so you never know. Crossing my fingers for you xx
  • Thank you, it's really scary being hopeful isn't it, Congratulations on your pregnancy, I was going to try gather the courage to test at the end of the week, Thank you xx
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