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Miscarriage & Acne

Greetings sisters.  I have read many posts about experiencing acne after a miscarriage.  

I know how deeply hurtful this experience can be and am on the road to recovery myself.  Not only must we recover from the loss of a pregnancy, but to add horrible acne outbreaks on your skin can really hinder optimism. 

My miscarriage was 7-weeks ago, I have never had acne before, but after this experience I had horrible acne on my face, neck, scalp.  I was horrified!! 
After weeks of suffering, I did find a solution, part Benzoyl Peroxide & part Tea Tree Oil that works REALLY well.   I have been using it for four days, and at least 95% of my acne is clear.  I am so grateful that I wanted to share with this group. 

There is little information about acne following miscarriage, and even less recommendations of how to treat.  Most claim we simply have to "wait it out" or "wait for your hormones to stabilize" BUT you don't have to wait.  

If you're interested, look on Amazon for a product from The Skincare Company called: Benzoil --- It's a topical, all natural, about $20.  

Please note: I am not affiliated with Amazon or The Skincare Company and receive no incentive to post this.  This experience was so horrible for me, I don't want any of you to suffer with this condition if you don't have to. 

Stay strong ladies & mamas!
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