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Progesterone in the UK

Hi there.

I’ve had four almost back to back chemical pregnancies. We totally missed my fertile window in the middle somewhere after I miscarried at 5+1. Two of mine weren’t confirmed by a test although given the symptoms etc. my GP is counting them all. It helps that we had a definite no month as a benchmark for what a normal (no pregnancy) month is like. 

Anyway, I’m seeing a recurrent miscarriage specialist at the end of the month and I wondered if anyone had had a similar experience to me and been prescribed progesterone?

Seems to me that I can get so far but it’s just not sticking and if it is a progesterone issue then being prescribed some at the end of this month when I should be between 1DPO and 3DPO could be an easy win to see if it helps!?

Just feeling a bit low today and it’s good to talk!

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