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Pcos and no spike on ovulation test help?

Hey everyone, 

 I was hoping someone could help. I suffer from pcos, and me and my partner are trying for a baby. After my last period I have been monitoring how many days are in my cycle because they are so irregular. Friday the 20th September marked 100 days since my last period. I have bought ovulation strips and I have been monitoring my lh levels every night over the last 4  week to hopefully find a spike. However today (21/09/2019) I have woke up to find blood (sorry to be TMI) I have looked over my ovulation strips again and I can't see a spike we're I would have produced an egg.

I thought this was meant to happen around 14 days before a period starts? I am just super worried now that I may not actually be ovulating at all. And because my cycles are lasting so long we are unable to try very often. 

I have pregnancy clinic on 15th Oct and I'm hoping they are able to help more, I'm just super worried now.

Thanks for the help
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