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Please help, have I ovulated?! BBT, PCOS

hi everyone, I’m in need of some expert advise and hoping some kind, knowledgeable stranger will help.

i have PCOS and DH and I have been TTC for a year now. As per drs advise we went for a check up a few weeks ago and the dr said she would refer me to OBGYN but wanted to take my bloods first. One set immediately and another after I thought I ovulated to measure the progesterone.

the past few cycles have been a joke like 50-70 days, but with lovely clear temp rises exactly 14 days before AF. But of course the one where I need to know ASAP and have a clear rise has left me utterly confused. If I was lucky enough to have ovulated already, it means it was around 30 earlier than last time (a reason to celebrate) but I can’t help thinking it’s wishful thinking...FF is not being helpful at all. FAM says it hasn’t happened and Advanced says it has. 

Should i I book an appointment and get my second bloods done?


  • Advanced option on ff was always more accurate for me. As for your chart I think cd22 is the day. That would make u 4dpo at that time and about 13dpo now. How did ur chart develop? Did u test yet? 
  • So since this I took the risk and booked my blood test for CD27 and the dr confirmed “progesterone consistent with ovulation”.

    Have a feeling AF will be here tomorrow. Should be happy I had a normal-ish cycle which the blood work said I actually ovulated but it’s always depressing when it’s BFN.
  • I see ff isn't sure about ovulation date, mb I was right and u ovulated on cd22, it would make u a bit less ahead I'm dpo. Which means there is still a chance. Bfn are always so heartbreaking, that's why I don't test early especially after 3mcs.... But there is always hope until af arrives. I will keep my fingers crossed for u. With the whole chart it is very clear that u ovulated, if u ever have doubts again (hope it will not be needed) then pop me a msg or Smth. I maybe able to help with chart. Best of luck and let me know.
  • Oh thank you so much. Love the support!!

    thing I hate most about bfn is that I immediately right them off as probably too early or whatever and never a true negative. The hoping is the worst. People don’t tell you that lol
  • Oh this is hellish. So. Thinking it was CD22, bit of a temp drop on CD36 and today CD37 (36.1) but no sign of AF and only BFN. With the temp drop I know there is no chance but I’ve had no cramping or anything and it’s all very frustrating 
  • Well drop usually means af. So I guess tomorrow it should be clear, else temp will rise else at will start. So sorry, this waiting is the worst.
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