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Faint pos or evap line?! Helppp!

I took 2 pregnancy tests. 1 day apart.
The first one i took had such a faint line that i thought my eyes were playing tricks on me (slightly hard to see In picture but it was there ,also was mid day urine.)Next day i took another one and the line was a bit more pronounced..after googling "clear blue" i have seen lots of evap line complaints ! 
Now i am confused as heck.i am waiting another 2 weeks to test but I am wondering what you ladies think ?!I'm late on my period as of sept 3rd.
Also i took a digital pregnancy test that same time i took the dye test and the digital came back not pregnant.thoughts?!


  • To me it looks like an evap line - sorry! 😔 especially with how late you are! But saying that... I didn’t test positive till I was 7 weeks pregnant so there is always hope! Try again with a first response 😊 best wishes!
  • Thank you ! These tests were taken on the 12th of sept and i have yet to test again except for on digital which was a huge negative ! Plan on getting some more tests very soon 😊
  • If you were due on the 2nd... that would make you nearly 8 weeks. It’s unlikely... but keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • MissW1997   that would only measure up to almost 3 weeks lol but thank you!!
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