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Clear blue weeks accuracy

hi all I was just wondering if any of you could put your mind to rest i got a positive test on 31st August said 1-2 weeks did another one in the morning of the 5th said 2-3 weeks. My concern is I was with having fun with this one but was seeing an ex upto 13th July and although I had a period i am unsure if was normal, so I was just wanting to see how accurate the clear blue level are as it is making my anxiety spiral 
thank you all in advance 


  • Hi lovely! I’m pregnant with my first baby! I got 2-3 on the CBD but I was actually 6 weeks! So they are a little behind 😊 I got 3+ a week later when I was 7 weeks xx
  • With clear blue digitals they tell you how many weeks ago you concieved xxx 
  • Just relised this post is from Sept 🙈 hope both doing good in your pregnacys :) xxx 
  • No you cant rely. You need to do DNa test to find out who is dad of your baby

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