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Pregnant from Maca Root and Fertility Tea!

I had my BFP this morning!!! 
I just wanted to let everyone know that I believe it was because I was taking maca root powder from the time my last af stopped until my ovulation,  along with drinking raspberry tea. I highly recommend this to anyone conceiving..I just put the maca root in a smoothie daily. Do not take maca root after ovulation though because if you get preg it can cause contractions and end up in miscarriage.  Seriously recommend...I have always believed nature has everything we need to offer us. 


  • Wanted to add that I also recommend yoni /vaginal steaming!!!! After AF up until ovulation once again. Again can cause miscarriage if done in the wrong timing. Please do your research before trying. Baby dust and love to all.
  • Huge Congratulations :smiley: and many thanks for sharing the tip.

    How long had our been trying before and since using the maca root?

    (I'm new on here btw) X
  • Congrats! Where do you get this root?
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