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Actual tips- what worked for you?

I'm coming up on my 10 month ttc for my 1st. I feel like every month I get more and more paranoid and upset that it won't happen. I'm now at the point where I've tried different things each month, timed right, and just nothing happens. We've been to an RE and my husband and I both dont have any health problems that would explain why its not happening, other than pure probability. Can anyone share stories of a turning point for you in your fertility journey that changed the bleak outlook? Im not necessarily looking for "use this, take that", I feel I have obsessively tried everything and it only makes things worse for me when they don't help. Thank you ladies ❤


  • Hi, me and my husband have recently started trying for our first baby. Our first month of trying failed. On our second month we used Pre-Seed and fell pregnant, could be a coincidence but I like to think it helped as it mimics your fluids to help the sleek ‘survive’. Sadly the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage but we are trying again and continuing to use Pre-Seed.
  • * sperm, not sleek ... bloody auto correct lol
  • Thanks Mrs.B I bought that this cycle. I don't think I used enough and I missed the best night for ovulating because I'm on Letrozole and it didnt pick up the surge on my opks. Plan to continue with it though.
  • Fingers crossed x
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