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How hard will it be to get pregnant with one ovary and tube??..

Hi guys 👋 I had a laparoscopy 25/09/19 to remove a cyst,they and to also remove my right ovary and tube as it was stuck along with the cyst.. that was almost 2 weeks ago I've been taking ovulation tests since Saturday me and my partner have slept together once on Saturday,I was wondering if I would of ovulated or not as the tests havent got as dark as the contol line and now they are getting lighter I have had the raw egg discharge but that doesn't necessarily mean I've ovulated I feel so down right now I have been waiting a long time to be a mum 😭 it's so hard.. the tests show Saturday night,Sunday morning and evening,Monday morning and evening and Tuesday morning and evening.. 


  • Hi,  I'm sorry that u have such a difficult time. I just wanted to point that opk tests for lh and lh I'd produced in pituitary gland so it shouldn't be too affected. After ur period follicles inside ur ovary start to mature and produce oestrogen,  oestrogen build up causes lh spike. So I think even with one ovary u should be just fine, u may not ovulate from time to time, but chances during each ovulation would be the same as with two ovaries. I suggest u start doing bbt together with opk. Opk test only for lh, lh triggers egg release, but if there is no egg mature enough, nothing will be released even with peak opk. Bbt will show u if egg was released or not. So if u bbt u will be able to see if u ovulate every cycle or not.
  • As for current opks, when was ur last period? Mb u missed ur peak or u will have one later.
  • Sorry forgot to add. If u do bbt for few months and u are that u don't ovulate often enough u can take ur charts to the Dr as a proof and he may check ur oestrogen levels and if need put u on medication which stimulates follicles maturation. So there are plenty options for u, but I think I'm ur case bbt can help a lot. If u have questions I'm happy to help here or on pm. I didn't have ovary removed, but I have some background knowledge from university, so off I'm not a dr and I may not be 100% right but I'm fairly confident. I'm sure u will get pregnant on problem with proper tracking, CM isn't a very good indicator as it may appear few days before or after ovulation as well as occasionally randomly during whole cycle. 
  • Hi thanks for the information I'm new to trying for a baby so had not got a clue this has really helped 😁 and my last period was on the 25/09/19 on my app ovulation day was supposed to be in Monday x
  • Apps ate most of the time about ovulation, read about basal body temperature tracking it's simple cheap just needs some effort and is extremely useful. I got pregnant 4 times out 5 using bbt (3mcs). So u are only cd15 there is high chance u didn't ovulate yet. Many girls while tracking discover they ovulate much later than app suggests. If u want some help around with tracking and support in general come to trying to conceive October thread. It's really nice how everyone is supportive. 
  • Also it's best to do opk from about cd8 once a day at various times of the day to see at what time u get highest reading. Then stick to that time doing opk. When u are in fertile window it's good sometimes to test twice a day and don't stop until surge is definitely going down. 
  • Thankyou I'll check it out 😁 
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