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Appointment with specialist

So me and my husband have been ttc for 2 years. We've had various tests through our GP which have all came back normal (bloods, ultrasound and semen analysis) and tomorrow we have our first appointment with the fertility specialist. Part of me is excited we might finally get some answers and start getting help. The other part of me is petrified they will say there is nothing they can do. I know this is only the start but the past 2 years have been so emotionally draining and painful I'm not sure how I will cope if they have nothing to offer us or tell us we have to wait longer. How did other people find their first appointments went? Thank you in advance 


  • how did your appointment go? hopefully everything is well!
  • Hi there,

    I know you'll have had your appointment over you by now (I hope it went well!) but I thought I'd comment because I was where you are now back at the beginning of the year, and just today I had a bit of a revelation.

    My husband and I have been keeping our journey mostly to ourselves for the time being. We both have wonderful friends and family who we know would be there for us, but we're trying not to stress too much about the whole process ourselves, to keep it fairly relaxed. Telling people would just make it into a bigger 'thing', if that makes sense.

    Today, though, I was in the waiting room at the fertility clinic and it was just me and another woman. We got talking and we had so many similar TTC issues. It was really great chatting to someone about it, to be honest! She said she'd been the same, keeping it to herself, until a friend of hers let slip recently she was having TTC difficulties too.

    Anyway, my point is, this whole carry on can be more stressful than we realise, no matter how determined we are not to let it get us down. But it turns out all the cliches are true, it really is good to talk! I'm going to be doing it more often after today.

    Good luck to you both, I hope your road is a short one! And remember to look after yourself and each other x

  • First time posting but totally feel your pain! We've been trying for 2 years now, trying not to put on too much pressure but no obvious issues with my hubby and although I've not had any tests, my cycles have been really straight forward and regular since my period started! Absolutely no sign of pregnancy at all... Have our first appointment on 13th Nov. Got to think at least you'll have answers and can move forward from there. There are so many options for extra help now and so many more people going through it than you think. Try and stay positive. Would love to know how you've been getting on! Xx
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