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Clomid/ovulation scan question

Hi ladies,

I know I'm being hopeful here, but have any of you ever had an ovulation ultrasound that wasn't very promising, but then went on to ovulate that month anyway?

I'm on my second round of Clomid 50mg, and I had my CD12 ultrasound today. (I may actually have been on CD13 because I had spotting and I'm wasn't 100% on what day my AF officially arrived. Not sure if that matters.)

Last month the doctor was happy with my scan, there were several mature eggs. Unfortunately, this month is a different story. The doctor could only see one egg today, and she said it was too small. She wasn't my usual doctor, and wasn't very forthcoming with answers to my questions about size etc (though I had heard her mumble “17mm” during the scan, which I'd thought would be promising). Instead, she simply said I wasn't ovulating and upped my dose of Clomid to 100mg for next month.

Obviously, we'll keep trying this month regardless, but should I resign myself to the disappointment early this cycle? Is it at all possible I ovulated early and the doctor just didn't detect it in the scan? As I said, I know I'm being hopeful!

Thanks in advance x


  • Sorry, I meant follicles, not eggs!
  • Hi which scan do you have to see how much eggs you have left? 
  • I'm not sure, but I'd love to know! I'm starting to worry I might be running out :( I had a transvaginal ultrasound, it was to see how many follicles I produced this month, but my stupid brain wrote 'eggs' by mistake in my original post. Sorry for explaining it poorly!
  • Hello lunastar. Am starting my 3rd round of clomid in few days.  My 1st round I ovulated on cd19. And we did baby dance during those time, but no success dat month.  Then dis month again d scan shows no follicular and I had 3 positive on ovulation test, I was totally confused and my endometrial thickness was 5.7mm which shows ovulation didn't occurs. I was heart broken I cried. So am starting my 3rd round soon. I hope dis round will be a success. 
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