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Help needed! 6dpo

So ladies. A little bit about my situation, i tryed for 4 years to get my DD. I havent veen on contraception since having her in july 2018 (used condoms) my periods have been anything from 24 days to 44 since i can rememver soo irregular. So this is the firsr month of TTC we used clear blue ovulation sticks . I got a flashing smily for a few days then again on the morning of the 21st of october. I tested again at 1pm and got my solid ☺️. So i put my ovilation day to the 22nd of october. So im curreny 6dpo. Im soo vloated and feel very ofit. But i did test this morning (i couldnt help myself) and i swear i saw a very very very faint line within the 2 minute window. (tryed to take a picture but you cant see it on there) i have been having period type cramps yesterday and the day before! Any advice. I will be testing agai  tomorrow. 🤦‍♀️


  • its a good sign, but around 7DPO your body surges progesterone which can give you some similar symptoms. Hope your test tomorrow is BFP
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